Wednesday, February 10, 2010

West Ham United 2-0 Birmingham City

Incredible atmosphere, great match, much-needed win. Photos and a full report to come (eventually), but right now it's almost 3am London time and I'm going to bed. Tonight really was an awesome experience, though. Just awesome.



  1. Thanks...

    Many more photos (and videos) to come on Flickr. I'm on a bit of a slow connection over here, so I'm having trouble getting everything to upload.

  2. lee, g'day.. im here in adelaide south australia. im lookin for a lee pender that came over here in 70s... wife name ann.. he was getn a taxi licence when he went back over ther. im commin over for a reunion in september.. im not sure if you can help in tracing him down mate? i know hes seperated now and has bout 4-5 kids... i have pictures of him over here. im not getn far ringin from ozz can u help ?

  3. lee... this lee pender lives LONDON FORGOT TO TELL YOU