Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Better Now that February's Over

Actually, this superb picture of Isaac--taken, of course, by my shutterbug brother-in-law--is from the last night in February. Clearly, though, little Ike is eagerly anticipating the end of what is usually the worst month of the year.

February signals the end of NFL football (maybe for a while in this case...), the slow-grind part of the NHL season, and the dreary and rainy section of the European football calendar. It also brings the 6 Nations rugby tournament, which is a good thing--or was, until France lost to England last weekend.

Mostly, though, February is about being so far into winter that it's hard to remember what other seasons are like and so far away from spring that it's hard to imagine life without mounds of snow everywhere. This year, February for me also meant being sick with some sort of bug that gripped me for about a month. That's the main reason why the February post count here was zero.

Isaac got the bug, too, but he's getting over it now, and I'm also feeling much better. March is no beauty of a month in New England, but it's a light at the end of the tunnel of winter. After a season that reminded me just how awful winter in New England can be, I'll take any sign of the promise of spring, even if it's only a date on the calendar.

Things are looking up all around. West Ham just scored a big victory; the Bruins are having a fantastic road trip (and I'm going to see them Thursday night), and last I checked TCU is still 2011 Rose Bowl champion. (I'm still giddy about that...) And now that February's over, there's nothing but good times ahead...mostly. I hope.