Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC 7, Merrimack 0...If It Actually Happened

I'm not sure exactly where Merrimack College is, and there were so few people at Conte Forum tonight for the Merrimack-BC hockey game that the game itself might not actually have happened. In fact, the only press "coverage" I could find of it tonight was here. (The attendance figure of 2816 in the box score is extremely generous, by the way.)

The fact that I forgot my camera tonight doesn't help; there may never be photographic proof of the existence of this contest. That would be a shame, actually, as Cam Atkinson scored a hat trick, and BC dismantled Merrimack in one of the most dominating sporting performances I've ever seen live. It was a lot of fun, actually--the kind of game that was way out of control after the first period and just got worse from there.

Usually, BC kind of calls off the dogs with, say, a five-goal lead, but the Eagles--who did play a lot of young guys tonight, including a backup, freshman goaltender and even a third-string goalie who came in for the last three minutes of the game--kept sniping all night long. Pucks were ricocheting off the boards and glass like cars backfiring in an Arkansas Wal-Mart parking lot. And the goals that did go in were mostly great ones, if a little aided by Merrimack's almost complete lack of competent goaltending.

Anyway, if tonight's game wasn't a figment of my imagination (and given that I had a friend with me, I don't think it was...), it was a lot of fun. And even if it was, well, it was still a good time. And there was no traffic getting out of the parking garage. Good times all around.

Next game (probably): Friday night vs. UMass.

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