Saturday, July 11, 2009

So, I'm on Twitter...

Yeah, I know. But it's strictly work-related, and I plan to use it for nothing but work. Twitter is a necessary evil, especially in the technology industry these days. I can't not be on it...

Hopefully you appreciate the reticence in the subtext of that double negative. I don't want to be on Twitter, didn't want to be on Facebook and would generally like to move right back to Web 1.0. But I work in the technology industry, for heaven's sake, and it's now easier to keep up with folks via social networking than it is via e-mail. (See my other post-slash-rant about this.)

Anyway, I've got paragraph upon paragraph in me about Twitter, social networking, the downfall of journalism and deceased country-music stars (oh, it all comes together), but it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in July, and I think I'll go for a bike ride rather than sit on the front porch and type.

If you're really interested in news about Microsoft and the Microsoft channel (with, hopefully, a little humor and light entertainment thrown in), follow me on Twitter. If you're into technology news, it won't be boring. If you're not...well, it might be.

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