Sunday, December 6, 2009

Euphoria to Heartbreak

No disrespect intended to Boise State--and Bronco fans surely must feel this way, too--but matching the only two teams from non-automatic qualifying conferences is an obvious ploy by the BCS powers that be to spare the embarrassment of having another big-name school go down to an "outsider" in a major bowl game. We got screwed. Boise got screwed. The system stinks.

College football is the most corrupt sport in the world. It makes the NBA and South American soccer look squeaky clean. I can't believe that the unprecedented excitement of 12-0, that 25 years of waiting for perfection, has turned into bitterness and anger. The players looked disappointed on TV tonight, as well they should...after all, we did just beat Boise in a bowl game last season.

Nevertheless, I'm making plans to be in Arizona in early January. It's still the chance of a lifetime to see TCU in a major bowl.

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