Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comfort Music

I'm just beginning the recovery process after the end of the US World Cup run. At this stage, I'm comforting myself by watching "100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs" on VH1 Classic. Yes, it's that bad. (Actually, who am I kidding? This TV show is spectacular.)

Today was a tough sports day to say the very, very least. The Horned Frogs, fighters that they were to the end, bowed out of the College World Series today. A billion times worse than that, though, was the American loss to Ghana in South Africa. Fair play to Ghana--they were better today. But I had allowed myself to dream just a little bit, just a tad, that we might make a round with the word "final" on the end of it this time--or maybe more than one. Not this year.

But it wasn't a bad World Cup for the US. If nothing else, it was massively entertaining. I've rambled on about the US World Cup postmortem, but if you want to read that entry you'll just have to engage in some blatant cross-marketing and head over to West Ham U.S.A. Happy reading. Meanwhile, at No. 23, it's Crazy Train by Ozzy...

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