Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Breakers Report and WPS

The Boston Breakers, the local Women's Professional Soccer team, has granted my friend, Steven, and me press access for the 2010 season. (Thank you very much, Breakers staff. We look forward to working with you.)

Anyway, we're going to try to shop some stories around about the Breakers to press outlets of all sorts, but we don't want to see our efforts go unread in case the local press doesn't end up having much interest in women's soccer (which, so far, it hasn't). So, we've set up Boston Breakers Report, our very own blog on the Breakers. (Please be patient with the link; if it's not functioning yet, it will soon.) The team opened its season with a win in Washington last weekend, and we'll be at the home opener this Sunday.

Most sports fans probably don't realize that we have here in the US the best women's soccer league in the world with virtually all of the world's greatest players playing in it. Unlike in men's soccer, where our league and our national team trail rivals from Europe, South America and probably Africa by quite a distance, the US boasts one of the best women's national teams in the world and has hands-down the best women's league on the globe.

If you're nonplussed at the thought of women's sports in general, give women's soccer a try. It's fast and physical, and the players have tremendous skills. The athletic gender gap that is frankly so evident in sports such as basketball and hockey is much, much less evident--hardly noticeable, really--in soccer. The Breakers open their season this Sunday at 6 pm at Harvard Stadium vs. Philadelphia. Steven and I will be there covering the game. Come on out and give the WPS a try.

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