Monday, April 26, 2010

Bleacher Report Is Driving Me Crazy

I'm not going to make a long thing out of this, but I'm having massive problems getting Bleacher Report to import posts from the Boston Breakers Report blog. So, for the time being, I'm going to run BBR content both on the Boston Breakers Report site and here on

If you're wondering why I'm babbling on about Bleacher Report, check out the item I posted on the Breakers Blog recently. I'm sure everything will work out fine (and the contributing writer who has been working with me over the last week or so has been fantastic), but thus far Bleacher Report won't allow me to write directly to its site and also won't import the BBR blog--or, at least, successfully keep it imported. It's rejecting the blog altogether now. It is, however, accepting (for now) content, so I'm going to cross the streams and run BBR stuff here so that it'll also run on Bleacher Report. Ugh.

Bleacher Report's content is great. Its interface for writers? Well, it could use a bit of work.

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