Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Note about the Ads You See Here

I just noticed today that there's a political advertisement running in my little ad space on this blog, which appears after the top entry on the page. For the record, Google serves those ads randomly, and I have no idea which ads I'm going to get.

I never talk politics on here, and I don't personally endorse any candidate (not that it would matter, given that about five people read this little blog). I'm a total political moderate, and most politicians disgust me. I've never campaigned for a candidate; I've never even put a sign in my yard (on, in my current situation, on my balcony fence). So, if you see a political ad here, it's not by my choice. It's whatever Google gives me.

As I mentioned some time ago, I don't actually expect to make any money with my little Google ads. (And I haven't.) I really just wanted to see how the Internet-advertising thing worked and what kinds of ads Google would give me. Well...the ads are supposed to be contextual (I think), but they rarely seem to be. For a while, I had tons of ads for pens (as in writing instruments) running, presumably because my name is Pender. Weird. There have been a few ads about college football, which makes sense, and I've seen one or two about Boston sports tickets, which also makes sense. The fact that those ads are sometimes weeks out of date does not make sense.

Given that I never talk politics here, a political ad running on this site seems a little less than contextual. In fact, it seems pretty random. I'm not complaining--I just want to make it clear that the ad space is Google's space, not mine. Your guess as to what will run there is as good as mine. That's all. Thanks for reading, and carry on...

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