Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who Feels Worse?

So, who do you think feels worse right now: Marian Hossa or Michel Therrien? Hossa moved from Pittsburgh to Detroit at the end of last season so that he could win a Stanley Cup, having lost in the finals to the Red Wings in 2008. Therrien coached the Penguins to the finals last season, only to be fired when the team slumped in Feburary of 2009. Dan Bylsma, an AHL coach only a few months ago, lifted the Cup with the Pens Friday night.

We know who's not feeling too bad right now: the relatively unheralded Maxime Talbot, who scored both goals on Friday night in a 2-1 win and became an instant Pittsburgh sports legend. No doubt he'll never pay for an Iron City beer in Pittsburgh again...although whether that's a good thing or not is hard to say.

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